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Why Xylitol?

What exactly is so special about this 'Miracle' sweetener?

Glad you asked! First of all, if you'd like to get your hands on the definitive Xylitol information booklet, then look no further than Xylitol – An Amazing Discovery for Health by Professor Kauko K. Mäkinen, Dr. Alonzo H. Jones, DO, and Dr. John Peldyak, DMD.

This 38-page softcover booklet by Woodland Publishing is well-known for being the go-to reference for xylitol facts. It is NOT associated with any particular brand of xylitol (including ours), and contains 4 full pages of references for further study.

Xylitol is a natural sugar which has health benefits (such as a lower glycemic index than regular sugar) as well as dental benefits! That's why it's often referred to as a "sugar-substitute", because it is healthier than sugar and it can be substituted with the same great taste -- but the real truth is: Xylitol is an all natural sugar!

If you're ready to jump right in and try some various xylitol products without spending a lot of money, we suggest trying one of our Xylitol Samplers, which include a variety of our most popular products. If you've never tried Xlear products before, you're in for a real treat!

Along with a huge selection of only the BEST Xylitol brands and products, Xylitol Experts is one of the top-three leading distributors of Xylitol! But we find that just selling Xylitol isn't enough... we LOVE it and really want to educate the masses on this "wonder-sugar".

That's why we created the Xylitol Experts website and focused on making it the exclusive place for education on everything Xylitol! Our Xylitol Discussion Forums offer a place to discuss and learn about Xylitol. Objective and non-biased advice is our goal and since these forums are open to the public, it's a great place to have open Q&A as well as debate on anything Xylitol related. This is a true first in our industry and our way of spreading the word about Xylitol!

Inside the Xylitol forums you'll find our Xylitol Library. This is an area chocked-full of answers and info on Xylitol. We've taken our own research and knowledge as well as ALL the questions we've received over the years and put it in one easy to find place. Want the answer to "Why Xylitol?" ... just browse around our library and you'll quickly see why!

Still have questions?!? Feel free to join our discussion forum and ask away! You can also contact us directly for prompt and courteous answers.